The power of the black soldier fly

Sustaniable feed
The demand for sustainable animal feed increases each day. With the power of the black soldier fly, and many other insects, we can provide more sustainable animal feed and care for the world.

Simply as in the wild
Our products are made from the black soldier fly larvae which are nutritious with a high protein profile, high calcium content antimicrobial fatty acids. They’re also preferred by many animals due to being part of their natural diet in the wild.
Many animals in the wild naturally look for insects which have been a big part of their natural diet for a long time. The chicken looks for it in the grass, fish bait for it on the hook and it can be included in the diet of our beloved pets like reptiles, hamsters, cats and dogs.

Sustaniable production
The black soldier fly larvae are fast-growing insects in the right conditions and can convert most waste to nutritional protein and fatty acids. They are safe to produce in the Scandinavian countries due to their difficulty to survive naturally in a colder climate, making them a non-invasive species.
The larvae can help us reduce most of the landfill waste that occurs inevitably. The waste may be moldy, stinky and unsafe for human or animal consumption, but it’s perfect for the insect to transform into a new and safe product. Just like us, the black soldier fly loves coffee and beer.
We trace all the waste used and we only use recycled fruit, vegetables, grains and spillover from other food and feed producers. All our products are tested to make sure we have a safe and high-quality product at the end of the line.