Our philosophy

Nordic Enterra Company started in early 2022 with a vision of a more sustainable use of food waste. We want to change the recycling industry in both large and small steps. We noticed that there are no big producers of insects in Sweden and most recycling of food waste was ineffective. This is our challenge. We have started to find solutions, but there is still a long way to go until we are at the finish line. We work for a better and greener future.
Sustainability is important to us and to the future generations. What is sustainable, really? According to us it is something that reduces the impact we have on our environment. It involves gas emissions, the health of humans or animals, keeping the environment clean and much more. The future we are working towards is sustainable.
It is also very important to us to be transparent to you as a consumer or customer. Therefore, we are going to present to you all of our carbon footprints and the impact we make on the environment. We have already started recording all the energy we use. We’re a small business at the moment, but we are working on this.
We push the way we produce insects with new technology
We think out of the box when it comes to the way we produce insect feed
We make the technologies we invent available for other producers

We make sure through testing that you get safe and good products
We make sure the conditions for the insects are optimal for an ethical production where no harm comes to the insects

We only use waste that can’t be used for human or animal consumption
We trace and document all the waste used
In combination with innovation we work towards a solution that reduces our carbon footprint