For investors

This is an investment in a greener environment, lower food waste and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The world is hungry and the demand for protein and lipids increases not only with population growth, but it also increases in use per person. According to meticulous research, the potential demand for insect protein is 3.4 billion dollars by 2030. We don’t only want to ask you for the money, we also want to show you what we can really do on a large scale and the impact we might have.
If larvae do not persuade you, then how about an investment in protein meal, oil production for future butter (or body butter), protein for emulsion properties in food, chitin for pharmacy and much more. We hope we caught your interest.
At the moment we are in the start of this production, and we are looking for all different types of support. Maybe you are very smart in food technology, or you have some industrial equipment that needs some love. Money does also help a lot because many things are not free. Let us know if you are interested and maybe we can help each other and the future together.
We cover 5 of FN’s global sustainability goals.