Making healthy and locally produced protein and lipid sources available through innovation
Upcycling waste to protein and lipids back to the food supply chain for plants, humans and animals. Rearing black soldier fly larvae and investing in technology development we want to produce healthy feed in a new and efficient way and challenge the recycling industry into a new way of thinking.
Our philosophy is built on sustainable protein by reducing landfill waste and making healthy and locally produced protein sources available. We might be small, but every first step is small.

Added value to the farmers
We believe the farmers are the ones who know best which local resources that can be recycled. While making use of recycled materials, the black soldier fly production adds further value to the farmers’ business. The farmers also have the possibility to invest in their old stables. Read more about how we can make it possible and what we do.

The black soldier fly
The insect that can help us reduce the impact on the environment. The fly is not regarded as a pest like the regular house flies and the larvae is excellent at breaking down organic substrate. So, what do we want to do with this fly and is this what should be eaten? The answer is a lot and no. Read more about our mission and why we are doing this or click on The Insect to understand more about who this black soldier climate fighter is.


Black soldier flies increase salmon quality

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